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Forms to be a part of the LEAPS programs went home August 23rd. Cooking is going to be very full.  

Students need to turn in their forms asap to make sure there is room in each class.

Classes will begin the week of Sept. 11.  Students may not stay for any classes unless their paperwork is turned in to the office.

Program Offerings and Days


Morning Reading-Gunter

Morning Math-Breedlove

Keyboarding - Williams

7th Grade Math - Bowman

Cross Country-Ezzell


Morning Reading- Gunter

Morning Math-Breedlove

6th Grade Math-Alcorn

Digital Media-Perakes

Book Club-Naylor must do Game Club

Art Club -Ray


Cooking-Meece must do Exercise/Nutrition

Cross Country-Ezzell

Book and a Movie Meeks


Morning Reading and Math

Lego League-Dolan

Exercise/Nutrition  Phillips    must do Cooking

8th Grade Math - Breedlove


Cross Country-Ezzell


Morning Reading and Math

Reading -Williams

Digital Media -Perakes

Game Club-Naylor  must do Book Club

Frontiers Hargrove/Lyles/Hall

7th grade Math -Bowman

Book and a Movie - Meeks

Cross Country-Ezzell