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  Class Schedule  

Doors open for students at 7:15
All students have the option to report to either the cafeteria for Free breakfast, or to the auditorium (6th and 7th graders)/Gym (8th graders) upon arrival.
Students will begin being dismissed to Homeroom at 7:40 

                                Harris Middle School

                             2017-2018 Bell Schedule


Homeroom                                                           7:50-7:58

1st Period Enrichment/RTI                                     8:02-8:30 

2nd period                                                           8:35-9:20 

3rd period                                                            9:24-10:09 

4th period                                                            10:13-10:58 

5th period                                                            11:02-11:47

6th period                                                            11:51-1:12

7th period                                                            1:16-2:01

8th period                                                            2:05-2:50


Dismissal:  Car Riders                   2:50

                 1st round bus riders      2:57

                 2nd round bus riders     3:05